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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scary Questions

Glen Scribner in His blog "Christ The Truth" posted a question here: http://christthetruth.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/questions-were-afraid-to-ask/
"Questions we're afraid to ask"

After some soul searching, I came up with a couple of big picture questions that are always in the back of my mind.  I like the way my comment came out, so I thought I'd copy it over to here, with thanks to Glen for inspiring me to commit it to writing:

"Could I be wrong about you? about grace? about my security? Do you really intend to save me all the way? Or not just me; everyone I love?

Is all the doing and obeying in the Bible what it is really all about, and we’ve given the grace passages too much importance?

Are you rrreally there listening to my questions, or did evolution just cook you up to explain the frightening unknown?

These are questions I really ponder (at least a little), then I go on living, believing that He is able to keep that which we have entrusted “unto Him against that day”

Incidently, I believe that Jesus, in all ways being tempted as we are had these same questions roiling through His human body/mind. Why would Satan tempt Jesus to prove He was who He thought He was? He could settle the score right now, by turning a stone into bread, or casting Himself off of the pinnacle. But “No! You must not put the Lord thy God to the test!” He must simply trust in the witness (John the Bapist and the Holy Spirit, and the witness of Scripture) that He is He whom He believes Himself to be.

What do ya think? Was Jesus born with memories of eternity and glory and did He get daily audible messages from His Father, that “hotline from Heaven”, and even if He did, might that tempt Him to question His sanity? Or like us, did He walk with a lamp unto his feet and a light to his path?

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