THIS IS a place for us to break bread and fish in fellowship. This is a place for us to eat the bread and drink the wine of communion with Jesus our Lord. Here we share the love of Christ through sharing our hearts, our loves, our hopes and dreams, our struggles and trials, and troubles and cares. Our purpose here is to share conversationally, so we will remain open topic. We will remember that Jesus came to break bread with us, and serve us that bread, and was raised up to draw all to himself. A bruised reed would He not break nor a smoking flax would He quench. What He made us for, is a relationship, an intimacy with Him. One place to carry that out is in fellowship in the Spirit with brothers and sisters of that same one Spirit. We can even share favorite music and vids. Make yourself a cup of coffee, make yourself at home and say "Hi".

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"The God Who is In Your Face"

I googled this (the post title) , to see if it's in use; I found a wonderful story about following the Lord's lead, and living a nomadic life in "Big Sky Country" ala Abram and Sarah: http://virginiaawork.com/2009/05/30/prairie-wind-june/  I mention this just to give credit, as someone else thought of this phrase before me.  I thought of the phrase independently, and have a somewhat different use of it.
My concept of  The God Who is in your face is as follows:

Under normal circumstances as a Christian of 30 some years, when I pray, I address Father, who is over and above me, way up in Heaven. That is until recently. 
Now, I begin to know Him as the "God who is in your face". By this I mean He is in my mind, Knowing everything that will occur to me to pray before I pray it, and beyond that, He knows the motivation behind it, better than I do. He's in my eyes, seeing the covetousness within, as well as the beauty I see in a spring apple blossom. He's in my ears, hearing sacred music as I do, or hearing my boss sniveling about our team's failure. He's in my nostrils smelling breakfast that hasn't even been prepared yet, only in my mind. He's in my breath, every molecule of oxygen in my vessels. He's in my fingertips, feeling the soft puppy's ears, and my lips, feeling my grandaughter's soft face.  He's in my heart, feeling my indignation over the injustice that is committed in the slaughter of the innocents, as well as the compassion I feel for my sick friend (who is getting better :)), and the poor little girl in Haiti, whom we sponsor and pray for.  He is in my face, He feels my breath, and I can almost feel His.

Now, when I pray, He is in Heavenly realms, as He has eternally been, but He is in my face, perfectly attentive to my every prayer. As I remember this, my prayer time becomes an act of worship, not just telegraphing a bunch of requests to Heaven. The Eternal Maker of all that is, seen and unseen, and my redeemer, who bore the penalty for my sin, is in my face intimate, with every single sensation, thought and intent. Again, we just do not have a clue, the greatness, and now the closeness of our God. But we begin to get.... a clue.

The singer/songwriter in the following link was facing surgery on his vocal chords and did not know if he would ever sing again.  I think he said this was his first song recorded in the studio following his recovery.  The Lord knows that this is the way I feel about him: